Creating Stories of Hope

Welcome to Growing In Hope Counseling!  My mission is to inspire others to overcome patterns of self-defeat and unproductive thinking, while helping them to heal from past hurts, build faith, and transform their negative beliefs.

This vision is accomplished by offering an array of services that address the mind, body, and spirit, including:  Psychotherapy, Workshops and Retreats, and Somatic Services.

Finding Purpose In Our Pain

Life does not present us with glimpses of the journey ahead, so when our life takes an unexpected turn, the emotional pain that it leaves us can create feelings of anger, fear, or hopelessness.  Whether the origin of the pain was within or outside of our control, I believe that God allows it to serve a purpose.  Some try to avoid the pain all together, fearing the inevitable suffering and grief, while others abort the process only to find themselves spending their lives rehearsing the same patterns.  This unresolved hurt eventually leads to a life of invisible scars, which spirals into a cycle of unproductive thinking and broken relationships.    

Breaking the cycle requires that we acknowledge the pain and commit to healing.  Although fear and doubt enter the mind, we must learn to challenge our thoughts and emotions while learning to let go of negative beliefs and allowing new beliefs to enter.  Ironically, the hurt that hinders us can actually launch us into our destinies as we heal and help others. When we share our stories, we can offer encouragement and hope to those who also desire to experience healing, freedom, and empowerment. 

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